Have a pizza-making party!

We have good friends we get together with every month or so. With various allergies and picky eaters among the kids, we usually have trouble coming up with something everyone can eat. The last few times we have seen them, we have taken the easy way out and gone out to eat. This time we felt like having a more relaxed evening and staying in to eat. There was still the food conundrum, though. Rich and I came up with homemade pizza as an easy thing to customize, since everyone could have his or her own pizza, or we could divide up bigger pizzas to suit everyone’s tastes.

We started early enough in the afternoon that it worked out well to have everyone in on the cooking. The kids were playing, so the adults made the dough and the sauce and got in some visiting time while the dough was rising. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of that part of the fun, but check out this post on pizza for dough pictures and a recipe. If you are doing your own party and don’t want to start in the middle of the afternoon, you can time your dough to be ready when your guests arrive and then you can start building pizzas right away.

When the dough had risen, we pulled out the toppings and called the kids to do their own individual pizzas. With minimal mess and frustrations they each got their own pizzas ready for the oven.

Lesson 1: Flour is your friend when making pizza, as the kids found out.

Three different pizzas ready for the oven: one with no cheese, one with no sauce, and one with no veggies.

The parents had to make do with bigger, communal pizzas since the cast iron skillets were in the oven with the kids’ pizzas. We managed to share just fine!

Lesson 2: You can have too much flour.

Restaurant-worthy pizzas!

A kids vs. dads patio basketball game to work off the pizza before homemade chocolate chip cookies and coffee. Somehow that meant the moms did the dishes. Hmmm, next time I think the moms should take on the kids and let the dads clean up. Or better yet, the kids can do the dishes while the parents relax!

The next time you are having friends over, whether they have kids or not, make it a hands-on pizza party. Everyone ends up in the kitchen anyway – you might as well put them to work let them in on the fun.