Is Anyone There?

You are probably asking that if you happened to visit The Cook’s Life over the past few months. I wrote a grand total of two posts in 2015 and this is the first post of 2016. I was all ready to get back into blogging when I got a new job.

Over the past five years, or so, I have been searching for my niche in the working world. I have been a nanny/babysitter off and on (mostly on) for the past 11 years. I have also tried my hand as an elementary school lunch monitor and a freelance writer. Then last fall I started a job as a part-time librarian for the St. Louis County Library.

I have been reveling in the best job I have ever had, no hands down. I love spending my shifts surrounded by books, and I am truly enjoying the patrons and my co-workers. I also continue to nanny the two days of the workweek that I am not at the library, so this blogger jumped right into full time working hours without much warning.

It has been an adjustment for all of us in the family, but most of all me. I need to get over the idea that I have time to do all the housecleaning, cooking and shopping. Not to mention keeping up with my various commitments at church and getting Calvin where he needs to be for school clubs and fiddle lessons. We have mostly figured out when, and how, to get it all done, but the blog has suffered.

I make no promises about frequency of posts. But I do feel the urge to write more often, so maybe I will manage to get something out into the ether every so often. I am already working on an update post about the kitchen. We did just a little more to it since I last posted. More to follow soon (I hope)!