Three Ice Cream Recipes

Word has it that a three-day weekend is coming up. And word also has it that this weekend is the end of summer – the end of school vacation and of summer weather. Eh, not so much here in St. Louis. School started three weeks ago for most of the districts in the area. And summer weather will stick around for at least another month.

End of summer or not, I will still enjoy my long weekend, probably with a batch of ice cream or two along the way.


Brown Sugar Cinnamon


Chocolate Amaretto


Mint Chocolate Chip

No need to turn on the oven to make dessert for any celebrations this weekend. And no need to spend time making a custard and then letting it chill. Most of my ice cream recipes, and certainly these three, start with the same easy formula – half and half and sugar. Add a few flavorings and a little freezing time and you are on your way to eating cold, creamy ice cream.

Whether you are ready to say goodbye to summer, or not, ice cream always helps.