Kitchen Facelift

Finally, after ten years of planning, we decided last winter to actually do something about our kitchen. The ceramic tile was cracked and very hard on the feet.


And the rest of the room was just too white – white cabinets, white countertops and white backsplash. It was time for change.


So we took the plunge. We started with a trip to a kitchen and bath remodeling store. The less said about that experience the better. Let’s just say the designer offered very little designing advice and came up with a plan that was almost three times the budget we gave her. Needless to say we didn’t go with that option.

We decided to go with one of the big box home improvement stores for the floor, backsplash and some minor demolition and drywall repair. We ordered granite countertops through a separate granite store. While the whole process probably took longer than it would have if we had used one company to do it all, we are happy with our results.


It was a fairly easy process, looking back on it. It took about two months, and we were only without the kitchen for a few days here and there. It was nothing like the all-out chaos I had imagined. There was plenty of upheaval, but it was mostly manageable. We borrowed a small fridge from a friend to keep in another room for those days when we couldn’t get into the kitchen. For part of the time we had the microwave and electric teakettle on top of the little fridge. Usually we were able to get into the kitchen by evening to cook dinner.


It was great watching it all come together over the weeks – new floors, new counters and new backsplash. I painted the walls a fresh, clean tan that carries in from the living room and dining room.


One of the silly things that makes me happy every time I look at it is the baseboard on the wall at the opening to the kitchen. Our house is about sixty years old and has the original baseboards in most of the house. They are an unusual shape and are impossible to find in stores. I guess we could have had some custom made, but we didn’t have to. We found a short piece of baseboard behind the fridge when I was painting. I had painted the kitchen three different times over the years, but I never noticed that beautiful piece of baseboard. Bonanza! We had plenty to go around the corner and up to the edge of the island. I still sit and marvel at the beautifully matched baseboard. Ah, the little things…


I must say, the pictures don’t do it justice, especially of the backsplash. You will all have to come over for a cup of tea and a cookie to get the full impact. I’ll keep the water hot – just let me know when you are coming.


12 thoughts on “Kitchen Facelift

  1. Lovely Kitchen. Love your backsplash. It ties everything together. I have very old kitchen cabinets, think they are the 100+ year old house originals. The only thing I dislike about them is I have no toe room. For me changing the countertops is all that is needed and the floor.
    Is your floor wood or cork?

    • Thank you! We fell in love with the backsplash first and then tried to plan everything else around that. Our floor is cork. So far, after six months, we love it. Easy on the feet and I can drop things (I am kind of a klutz) and they don’t always break. 🙂 Nothing survived a fall onto the tile floor we used to have!

  2. it looks so great! aren’t kitchen refreshers just the absolute best? yes. i can’t wait to see it in person (because right, i will see it in person…someday? i thought so.) 🙂

  3. Sarah,
    It’s just gorgeous, your new kitchen. I’m so pleased you found baseboard. Our 80something year old house has plaster walls and dark stained baseboard and . . . whatever you call the molding around the ceiling. Crown molding? When previous owners installed or removed wall to wall carpet someone tossed the quarter round, and until we hire an experienced person to match the stain . . . well, I can only wish for finding a stash tucked away somewhere.

    • Thank you, Kirsten! We have since made a few more changes. I need to write another post giving everyone an update. I have been a neglectful blogger! And thanks for getting it about the baseboard! Isn’t it frustrating when previous owners do something that you can’t fix?

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