I’m back…

It’s been almost exactly eleven months since my last post. I didn’t plan such a long break. When I started to lose my blogging mojo I thought I would take a break for a few weeks, or maybe a month. Well, somehow life got in the way and here it is, almost a year later.

Highlights of the last year

Calvin got his driving permit and is slowly learning how to drive. We have graduated from parking lots to subdivision streets. Soon we might venture out on a main thoroughfare. He isn’t totally comfortable behind the wheel and Rich and I are fine with taking the whole process slowly. He will be sixteen in a few weeks (gulp!) but I think the license will wait for a few months until he is more than ready for the test.

We gave the kitchen a facelift in late winter. That story is material for another post, complete with pictures. But I will say I love the new kitchen and still catch myself standing in the middle of it, marveling at the new look.

Okay, I wanted three things to highlight for the year, but there really haven’t been any earthshaking events. The year was full of food and fun in the kitchen, of course. We made lots of pizza, lots of desserts and even tried deep frying (that is definitely a story for another post).

I didn’t make any big cooking discoveries, at least I can’t remember any. One thing I missed about not blogging was taking notes while I cooked. I need to get back in the habit, whether I intend to blog about a recipe or not. We have had some killer meals that I haven’t been able to recreate because I didn’t take any notes.

The blog might look a little different as I move forward. I won’t be posting as often, and I probably won’t be posting as many recipes. I am going to try to get back to my original intent to use the blog as a window into the world of a cook, baker, gardener and foodie. Rest assured, though there may not be as many recipes, I will still be posting cooking tips for the novice (and the expert). And I will still share recipes and experiments in the kitchen, just maybe not three times a week!

Here’s to eating, cooking and blogging about it! (Raises a glass and cuts a piece of cake).


25 thoughts on “I’m back…

  1. I’ve missed seeing you in my inbox. Glad you’re back–and looking forward to seeing more than just a peek over your shoulder into that sunny kitchen!

  2. Great to see your smiling face! Nice to see your new kitchen in the background. It sorta looks like my new kitchen. Raising a glass to new kitchens! 😀

  3. So glad to hear all your news, and to see your happy face! Looking forward to some interesting reading…Welcome back!

  4. Seeing your blog this morning has made my day!! I actually retired from the classroom and am now on to some more adventures, which includes a hike in Castelwood Park in about an hour. Amazing to read that Calvin is behind the wheel and about to turn 16.
    I could use your help, my oldest child is engaged and he and his fiance want to be married in October in our backyard. As of last night the ideas is a party that begins about sunset, a wedding about an hour after guests arrive, then party on. Food is lots of homemade appetizers for about 70 people. I always like your recipes and wonder if you have any ideas?
    Look forward to reading your blogs.
    Mary Robbins

    • Hi Mary!
      Congratulations on your retirement! I am so glad Calvin got to have you as a teacher before you retired. How exciting that your oldest is getting married. A backyard wedding sounds wonderful! Let’s see, appetizers that will do well at room temperature and are easy to make ahead of time…Swiss Cheese Almond Dip is one that I have done a post on. It is always a great hit. You can’t go wrong with a cheese selection, accompanied with dried fruit, nuts and good bread. Fresh fruit is always good, as are raw vegetables. Maybe a bruschetta with chopped tomatoes, garlic and herbs. If you have enough help to make them, dates stuffed with a bit of goat cheese and then wrapped in bacon and baked are delicious, if labor intensive. Let me know if you want any more ideas or recipes. You can email me at thecookslifeblog@gmail.com if you like.

  5. YOUUUUUUUU! HIIIIII! Seeing that you’re back makes me super happy: the only reason i even missed this until now was because i myself happened to be on an *ahem* unintentional break. i’m excited to see what’s coming, for sure. *high fives

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