Calling all Cream Lovers


We have a surplus of cream. By surplus, I mean more than a quart. My mother-in-law is visiting us for a few days while Calvin is on spring break from school. We usually plan for a certain amount of indulgences while she is visiting, ranging from homemade desserts to a trip to the doughnut shop. To prepare I made sure we had a ready supply of butter, along with a pint of heavy cream. Then our neighbors called and asked if we wanted a little cream and some broccoli that they couldn’t eat before they left for vacation. Of course I said yes. Her definition of a little cream turned out to be a full pint, plus part of another one.

I am looking for ways to use up the cream. So far I have thought of cream scones, chocolate mousse, cream over oatmeal and cream in our coffee. I need more ideas. Send them my way. We just might make one or two. Or three. And then we’ll eat some steamed broccoli. That should counteract all the cholesterol and fat from the cream, right?

6 thoughts on “Calling all Cream Lovers

  1. Just found this recipe. Am subbing broccoli for the broccolini for supper tonight. And I’d make a batch of strawberry ice cream to use up all that lovely cream. Take Care. M

    • That looks tasty! And beautiful! Thanks for the recipe. We managed to use all the cream. It was a hard job, but we persevered. We made chocolate mousse, cream scones and whipped cream to go with the mousse and brownies.

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