Sweets for Your Sweetie

Not sure if you’ve heard, but Valentine’s Day is Friday. How could you miss the diamond commercials, the restaurant specials and the greeting card ads? I don’t buy into the idea that we have to get candy, flowers or jewelry to recognize the day. I really think Valentine’s Day should be more about celebrating however you like.

Rich and I sometimes go out for a date night dinner, but the last few years we have decided to cook at home and treat ourselves to a homemade dessert. Some years we make the expected decadent chocolate treat. Other years we go for something more non-traditional.

I have a few suggestions if you want to make something sweet for your sweetie, or yourself.


If you want to have some fun, and make something impressive, try making your own candy hearts. They are much easier than they look. If you can play with play-dough, you can make these.


For a supremely easy treat, try snickerdoodle bars. If you feel fancy you can cut them into hearts instead of bars.


Try toffee bars for another easy treat that combines caramelly goodness with chocolate.


If you feel like something a little more involved, try my version of zebra cakes. This is a great group project to share with your family or your better half.

We are still deciding what to make for our dessert this year. We do know we are having steak, baked potatoes and roasted green beans for the main event.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

4 thoughts on “Sweets for Your Sweetie

  1. Great ideas, Sarah! I think that any time you cook or bake for your family it is a labor of love. So whatever is cooked on Valentine’s Day (or any day) expresses love. 🙂 Something delicious is something delicious. For Valentine’s Day I made fudge for the first time. I had been wanting to try it, my family loves chocolate, and my daughter is gluten-free. Seemed like a perfect opportunity.
    Your zebra cakes have me intrigued….especially that custard/pudding center layer! I am putting them on my “have to try ” list. 🙂

    • Thanks, Wendy! How was your fudge? I have one that I make with chocolate chips and marshmallows. Was yours similar, or was it “real” fudge with no marshmallows?

      I hope you do try the zebra cakes soon. One note: the center layer just looks like pudding. It is just a layer of the same icing that goes on the tops too. Hmmm, pastry cream inside those cakes might be tasty! Now you have me thinking… 🙂

      • The fudge was WONDERFUL,Sarah. I almost wish I hadn’t found out it was SO easy to make. When my son called to say how much he loved it, I told him it was so easy that he could whip up a batch or two before class any morning. He said not to tell him that….it was too tempting. 🙂 I made a double layer fudge with pink white chocolate on the top and milk chocolate on the bottom, a Kahlua-espresso bean fudge, and a cookies and cream fudge. I guess they were what you are calling “real” (sweetened condensed milk and melted choc chips). Is yours made with melted marshmallows instead of the sweetened condensed milk? Sounds good! Can yours be cooked in the microwave? (Thinking about college students.)

        • Your fudge does sound wonderful, Wendy! When I referred to “real” fudge I was thinking of the fudge recipes I used to read in “Joy of Cooking” where you cook sugar and maybe a little corn syrup until they are to a certain temperature before adding butter and beating them like crazy until they cool. I have never tried it because it seemed more failure-prone than my easy recipe.

          I guess the marshmallows in mine and the condensed milk in yours eliminate the sugar cooking stage.

          I’m not sure about cooking the marshmallow/chocolate chips in the microwave. I think the marshmallows might puff up instead of melting. It could certainly be done on a hot plate. Do kids even take those to college anymore? 🙂

          Here’s the link to my recipe, in case you are interested:

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