Vacation, Snow Storms and Elusive Chicken


Vacation is over, or at least almost over. Calvin was supposed to go back to school on Monday, after two weeks off, but he had a snow day. And he has today off again. Twelve plus inches of snow and subzero temps kind of throw a wrench in things around here. We had blizzard conditions on Sunday and brutally cold temperatures Monday. Today we are supposed to hit the upper 20s, which sounds marvelous. I like winter, but in moderation, and there is nothing moderate about this weather.

The past two weeks have been pretty much a bacchanalia of good food and fun. Christmas week was full of cookies, turkey and gravy, eggnog (homemade, thank you) and all manner of other goodies. Our week in Florida was much the same, with a little beach time and a not-so-successful trip to the u-pick citrus farm thrown in. Partner crabby proprietors and less than stellar fruit and you get customers that won’t go back. But we laughed it off and went home to make a lemon tart with store lemons.


All the fun led to a burning desire to eat better. We are just a little overindulged, to say the least. All we are craving are healthy dishes and hot beverages (it is -3 F as I type this. Can I have another cup of tea, please?). Oh, and funny of funnies, what we really want is roast chicken with plain vegetables and we have yet to find chicken in the stores. Well, there were a few packages of drumsticks, but we aren’t fans. Nothing like a weekend snowstorm with almost record-breaking accumulations to slow down deliveries and ramp up demand. We had veggie pasta Sunday and fish tacos last night. Pork tenderloin is substituting for the chicken tonight. I imagine the chicken truck will arrive sometime soon and we can get our chicken fix later in the week.

I know we probably aren’t the only ones who are craving healthy dinners. And if they are easy to throw together, all the better. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

2012-08-20 18.20.45

Blackened fish on a bed of greens


Citrus roasted chicken (hopefully your grocery store has chicken)


Roasted vegetables over pasta

6 thoughts on “Vacation, Snow Storms and Elusive Chicken

  1. And a week after you write this post, Sarah, its in the 50’s and 60’s! Crazy, but I am certainly not complaining about the warmer weather. 🙂 Its always frustrating when you have a taste for something (like chicken) and its not available. For whatever reason that happens to me frequently with ground chicken. The meat department at my Dierbergs can’t seem to order enough and they are forever running out. I wouldn’t mind eating veggie all the time but my husband is a carnivore. 🙂 Roasted veggies are delicious and your pasta dish is my kind of dinner!

    • Thanks, Wendy! I love our roller coaster St. Louis weather! At least when it’s on the upswing!

      I only see ground chicken occasionally at our Dierbergs. I know one of my cousins grinds her own in the food processor. I think she partially freezes it before she grinds it. Let me know if it works if you try that.

      I haven’t made the roasted vegetables and pasta in a while. I think it’s time for to revisit that recipe! Let me know how you like it if you make it!

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