Stop and Smell the Cookies


We have been baking for Christmas for the past few weeks. At last count we made sixteen different kinds of sweet treats – mostly cookies, but also toffee bars, marshmallows and fudge. And we came up with a few new recipes that I will be sharing with you soon, after a few more test batches to tweak them a bit.

I am done with the Christmas baking for this year. At least I think I am. We have enough cookies for gifts. We have enough cookies for holiday parties. We have enough cookies to set out when family comes over. And I don’t have any more time to bake – the schedule is full until after New Year’s Day. But I keep thinking of new cookies I want to bake – maybe just one more batch of almond shortbreads or cocoa snowflakes. I need to stop.

Along with reining in my compulsion to bake, I am also trying to rein in my need for perfection. Several batches didn’t turn out like I wanted this year – even the ones that I didn’t royally mess up with obvious mistakes. The gingersnaps tasted fabulous this year, but about half of them were flat, flat, flat. And the cocoa snowflakes spread out too much and were flatter and crunchier than I would have liked. And I messed up the Russian teacakes. And…


All through the baking, and the packaging, and the gifting I have to talk to myself. I know no one will look at the cookies with my critical eye. I tend to forget that I am making the cookies for family and friends, as a gift of love and time. That is all they see, and that is all I should be giving. Not the worries that they aren’t perfect, or that last year’s were better, or that someone else could do better than I could.

I know I’m not alone in doing this. Maybe not about baking, but about finding gifts for our families and friends. We worry that we won’t have enough presents for people, or that we spent too much, or too little. Or that it’s the wrong color, the wrong size or just the wrong thing. I know it’s cliché to talk about finding the reason for the season, but sometimes the clichés are spot on. We all need to take a deep breath, step back a bit and relax about the whole thing – the to do lists, the parties, the gifts, the wrapping. It will all come together in the end and it will all be wonderful.


The whirlwind of fun starts tomorrow for us, and it goes pretty much until after New Year’s Day. My brother and sister-in-law are visiting for Christmas week. Then we leave for Florida to spend a week with Rich’s parents. We are in for two weeks of family game nights, way too much food and plenty of visiting time. And you know they’ll be plenty of cooking and baking going on, just maybe no cookies.

In the spirit of letting go and enjoying the season, I’m taking a couple of weeks off from writing blog posts. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

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