An Hour in the Park


A few weeks ago we spent a magical hour in Tower Grove Park. Rich was on a quest to take a picture of a certain intersection in the city of St. Louis. He received his assignment (and he chose to accept it) at the kickoff party for the St. Louis DART project. The whole aim of the project is to get people to take a closer look at their city, through a camera. Participants pay $5 to throw a dart at a map of St. Louis. They have to submit a picture of wherever their dart lands – one picture that embodies what they saw and felt at that location.


Rich’s dart landed at the corner of Magnolia and Kingshighway, which is one of the corners of Tower Grove Park. We set off on a Sunday afternoon. Rich and Calvin were on missions to take pictures. I went along for the ride. Sure, they would have shared their cameras with me, but I was in a contemplative mood.


The weather was gorgeously sunny and breezy, and the trees were almost at their fall peak. I spent my time wandering and exploring our corner of the park while Rich and Calvin snapped away. I realized pretty quickly that I wanted to stay in the sun – the wind was a little chillier and stronger than we had thought.


It was nice to take a little while to just be. I basked in the sun, stared at the blue sky and marveled at the bright leaves. I didn’t think about things I needed to get done. I didn’t plan my upcoming week or obsess over things that happened the previous week. I was in the moment and it was both exhilarating and relaxing at the same time.

IMG_0022Rich got his picture. Calvin got a few of his own. And I got to recharge and relax while spending time with the family. Not a bad Sunday afternoon, all in all.



6 thoughts on “An Hour in the Park

  1. Beautiful pictures Sarah. My compliments to the camera men. Here in So.Ca. we have a few trees that take your breath away with their fall colors. But most stay green.

  2. What a fun idea (as long as your dart doesn’t end up some place dangerous)! I lived in StL many years before becoming at all familiar with the Tower Grove area. Gorgeous park. My favorite farmers market. Wonderful restaurants on Grand. How nice that the weather cooperated to give you a recharge while the guys were absorbed in their photo shoot!

    • We don’t explore St. Louis’ gems often enough. We vowed to explore more this year – I hope we stick to it! I am still soaking up the virtual sun through those pictures and memories. It sounds dramatic, but it was a magical afternoon.

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