Baked Fish and Chips with a Twist


I realize that today’s post includes dishes I have posted in the past. And I realize that I haven’t been posting as many new recipes lately. When I first started the blog, I wanted it to reflect a true picture of my life as a cook and baker. And lately it has.

We don’t have a new recipe a week, much less several. And I don’t always have the time or the inclination to bake sweets during the week. These past few weeks I have been concentrating on baking for catering jobs (well, job) and the upcoming vendor fair that I wrote about on Monday. In between, my kitchen projects seem to be of the ho-hum variety.

Thus enters baked fish and chips. I did mix it up with purple potatoes for the oven fries, which made for a pretty plate, with cornbread crusted tilapia and roasted green beans. I have posted most of these recipes before, but maybe this will inspire you to try them. Or to at least branch out in the produce department a bit.

I picked up the potatoes at a local international supermarket. They carry foods from all regions and countries and are a great place to just wander, looking for inspiration. The last time we went Calvin and Rich got distracted in the chocolate section and I wandered the produce aisle until they were done. Purple potatoes were a find – our usual grocery store only has them in a fingerling potato medley. That mix is always heavy on yellow and red potatoes and I never get enough of my favorite purples. I was happy to see a whole bin of purple potatoes, and they were bigger than the ones I get in the medley.

I first had purple potatoes in the form of potato chips and was surprised that they tasted so different from a white potato. If you have never had them, purple potatoes taste a bit sweeter and fuller than white potatoes. Sort of like the difference between a white potato and a Yukon gold, but even more. And the color can’t be beat. I have yet to make mashed purple potatoes, but I have wanted to do that for a long time. I’m not sure if the color would be too startling or not.

We all get stuck in ruts, or into a period when we can only do the necessary. I am working on celebrating the ordinary. And savoring the moment. I know that there will always be brownies tomorrow. Or cupcakes. Or cookies.


4 thoughts on “Baked Fish and Chips with a Twist

  1. love this! and purple potatoes ARE a find: i see them crop up (sneakily, and in exceedingly small quantity) at some of the local markets sometimes, but only for one visit. If i don’t grab them then, they’re gone. they really do make for a pretty plate here!

  2. Sarah,
    For a moment I thought you’d fed your family beet fries, successfully, and I was standing in awe. Purple potatoes work for me as well.
    Thanks for keeping it real!

    • Ha! That would have been a feat! Not sure even I, beet lover that I am, would like beet fries. I bought a bag of beet and sweet potato chips once. Still not sure I like the beet chips – some of them tasted way too earthy for me.

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