And So It Begins

Have you heard? Thanksgiving is coming.  Christmas is coming. Time to spend money. Time to make food. Time to panic.


Not really, but I am starting to plan when and what I am going to bake for Christmas presents. And what I am going to make for Thanksgiving desserts. And what kind of sweet potatoes I’ll make this year. And if I am going to try making a cranberry sauce that this canned cranberry sauce lover will like.

On top of all that holiday planning, I need to plan what to bake to sell at a vendor and craft fair at my church in a couple of weeks. It is the Friday before Thanksgiving, which means I really need to plan how to fit in all the baking.


Periodically I get a little lightheaded when I think about making time for all the baking along with everything else I have to do. And I have to remember to do all the other stuff to get ready for the fair – cooking class flyers, price lists, signs, business cards, gift certificates, packaging materials. And figure out table decorations – not my strong point.

Can you tell I’m a little scattered these days? I chalk it up to the busy-ness of the coming months. And the planning I need to do. I guess I need to stop planning when to plan and just do it – lists, timetables, recipes, shopping lists.


I’ll be selling gooey butter tarts at the fair – chocolate, traditional and peanut butter. I’ll also have mini loaves of homemade white and whole wheat bread. And organic rosemary bundles, ready to use or to give as gifts – they make great hostess gifts. If people don’t want baked goods, I’ll also have plenty of gift certificates for cooking classes. Those make great holiday gifts – easy to wrap and I’ll customize the class to the recipient.

Let’s be real. Yes, I am stressing a little right now. And it’s too early to start baking. But it’s never too early to advertise. If you are in the St. Louis area, come see me at the vendor and craft fair at Ivy Chapel UCC in Chesterfield on November 22 from 5:30-9:00.


9 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. You’re motivating me to get organized for the holiday. Between hosting my first Christmas, cooking Thanksgiving, decorating, planning, Mom’s birthday, gifting, and actually, you know, going to work, I’m overwhelmed and worried that I’ll miss something in the rush. There should be a holiday planner out there somewhere that you can just download. . .

    • I find it helps me if I do a day by day to-do list. When I host a meal I do break it down hour by hour – all in the order it needs to be done and with as much detail as possible. I guess I should follow my own advice and get it all down on paper.

  2. Imagine if Christmas and Thanksgiving were on the same day, Sarah!! Though Chanukah is not the main Jewish holiday like Christmas is for Christians, it is still a scheduling mess and a time crunch to plan Chanukah and Thanksgiving together! My planning should have started a month or so ago. Oh, well. I tell myself that I function best under pressure. Thank goodness this isn’t the way the holidays usually fall.

  3. NO! you know, i walked into a store the other day and right there, at the doors, big sign: 38 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. as if we need a countdown in foot-high letters making us feel more rushed than we already do. i’m pretty sure all the christmas tree sections in the stores and the fact that it’s november have clued me in to the fact that indeed, christmas IS on its way. 😉
    i’m planning to come by the craft fair! It’s close to us and since we’ve missed our coffee dates, i thought it would be fun to do. barring any child illness, we’ll be there. 🙂

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