Saturday Breakfast Inspirations

Saturday mornings are our only day of the week to sleep in. And they are usually the only day of the week that we indulge at breakfast. The other days of the week breakfast is something quick and healthy.

When I am really on the ball, I bake something on Friday so breakfast is ready and waiting whenever we want it on Saturday morning. The dishes are a distant dream and the morning can be family relaxation with a warm cuppa, a plate of deliciousness and the newspaper.

I was flipping through recipes on the blog (yes, it turns into my own recipe reference sometimes) for inspiration and a couple of baked treats caught my eye. I guarantee one of them is going to find its way onto the table tomorrow morning.  Which would you bake?


Brown Sugar Cinnamon Doughnut Bites


Sugar-Topped Cranberry Orange Muffins


Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake


14 thoughts on “Saturday Breakfast Inspirations

  1. Okay, on the coffee cake it prints out on two pages. I can make it fit on one page with some editing. So I copy and paste and it comes out all weird and impossible to edit. WHY DONT YOU JUST MAKE THE RECIPES FIT ON ONE PAGE. ONE ONE ONE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I always end up losing the stupid little bit that is on the second page. ONE PAGE. PLEASE.

    • Hi, Judy. Sorry that the recipe doesn’t fit on one page. Part of the reason is the long list of ingredients. I know long recipes can be annoying, but I want to make sure even people without much kitchen experience can successfully make the recipes.

      I know the PDF format doesn’t allow for editing. I’ll be happy to email you the Word document. Then you can edit and condense as much as you like to make it fit on one page.

    • Good choice. That was my choice this morning. Then the day got away and I didn’t make any of them. Great plans go awry and all that. The doughnut bites (the quickest and easiest recipe) are measured and ready to mix and bake in the morning.

      Thanks on the photo compliment too. As I remember when I first posted it, that picture took a lot of shots to get right. Slowly, but surely, I am improving my photography skills. I think I actually understand the camera now too! 🙂

  2. Sarah,
    I’m inspired most by the donuts and the coffee cake, but I’d eat whatever you put in front of me. Weekend breakfasts around here have been reduced to sourdough waffles and leftovers, since I always have a cup of starter to do something with.
    I wonder if I can make a sourdough coffee cake–that would be lovely with my tea.

    • I’m sure you could make a sourdough coffee cake. You would have to tinker a bit, but the starter would take the place of some of the liquid and some of the flour. You would probably still want at least some other leavening, or just use unfed starter as a flavor enhancer and not a leavener. Let me know if you come up with one!

      I keep my starter in the fridge and use it sporadically. In fact, I need to use it now. I go long times (weeks) between sourdough baking sessions and it always wakes up from its cold sleep just fine. Just in case you are looking for a break from sourdough baking. I mostly use mine in pizza crust and English muffins. Occasionally bread, but it takes a few feedings to get it strong enough to raise bread without added yeast, my preferred way to make sourdough bread.

  3. WHY did no one say cranberry orange sparkle muffins?? i’m having a full-on THING for cranberry orange right now: i completed a cookie project today with the same flavor profile, and they scream fall/winter. So if you could make me those… 🙂

    • They sound like such happy muffins when you put “sparkle” in the name! Maybe if they had that title someone would have picked them. I was surprised the coffee cake and doughnut muffins edged them out.

      Yeah, I’ll make you a batch when I get caught up on everything else. Oh, about next March… 🙂

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