A Day of Fun

Calvin has a day off school and he and I are spending it together. We are checking out a new doughnut shop this morning – Strange Donuts for anyone who’s curious. Then we are hitting Penzey’s to stock up on cinnamon, cocoa and salt, of all things. And we can’t head to that part of town without a visit to Kakao to pick up a few of their sea salt caramels.


Of course we are fitting in some kitchen time. We are keeping it simple with only two projects – sour cream twists and Middle Eastern flatbread. The twists are for a fundraiser at church tomorrow, so we can’t eat those. Except for the broken and not-so-pretty ones. And we have to taste for quality control. We can’t donate untested baked goods, after all. The bread is for dinner. We are having another Fondue Friday tonight to top off our day.


Doughnuts, chocolate and playing in the kitchen with my rapidly growing kid – I can’t ask for a better day.

What are your favorite things to do when you have a day off?


4 thoughts on “A Day of Fun

  1. Sarah,
    My kids were off today, but so was our power . . . so we did some yard work, raking up leaves from the storm and tucking them into garden beds with coffee grounds (thanks to a morning Starbucks run to get a tea since I couldn’t use my kettle), emptying and spreading compost. Now the beds are all set for winter. We will continue the Monty Python Movie Marathon we started last night, though, and sleep in, and hang out–cleaning house and getting ready for guests. And the spouse!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day! Even now, with my son 20 years old, I love cooking together whenever he is home from college. I love that I used to be the “chef” with my son or daughter the “sous chef” ,and now the roles are often reversed! I am not usually a doughnut person but clicking through to Strange Donuts has me planning a detour to Maplewood. 🙂 What did you and Calvin think of it? Are they as good as they sound? A cheesecake doughnut could be in my future.

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