Just a Typical Friday


I’m not sure what your normal Friday looks like, but mine is usually full of catch-up chores and projects to get ready for the weekend. I don’t usually work on Fridays, so I try to make time to play in the kitchen along with the other things I have to get done.

Today I have been to the store to pick up ingredients for a date night dinner with Rich. Calvin is spending the night with my parents and Rich and I are cooking dinner together and then going out on the town. Don’t get too excited – the going out includes shopping for a new mailbox. But do get excited about our dinner. I am. We are having Cornish game hens roasted on a bed of apples and shallots, a red rice and kamut medley and caramelized acorn squash. They are all experiments, but if they turn out I’ll post recipes and methods soon.


I have cinnamon almond ice cream churning right now and there is butter softening on the counter for chocolate chip cookies. Both are for tomorrow’s delayed family celebration of Rich’s birthday. The ice cream is another experiment, so if it turns out I’ll be posting that one too.

I also have injera batter fermenting on the counter and plans to make a starter for an Austrian buckwheat bread tonight. Tomorrow I am leading a bread baking session to make several kinds of bread for World Communion celebrations at our church on Sunday. We have done this for the last several years and it is always fun. The picture at the top of the post is the selection from last year – we made a Xichuan flatbread, sorghum rolls and a round schiacciata.

I enjoy the challenge of finding recipes to use every year. It is always a lesson in planning to figure out the timing on three different breads so that we can make them in a couple of hours, with one oven and one stovetop. This year we are making Ethiopian injera, Austrian buckwheat bread and Persian flat bread.

Baking, cooking and experimenting. Yep, that pretty much sums up my usual Friday. What are your plans for Friday and this weekend?


10 thoughts on “Just a Typical Friday

  1. As a retired woman my days are very much to my own choosing.Nothing “needs” to be done .It turns out today I have been working on the “Ice hockey quilt” for my daughter. To keep her warm in those cold arenas. Tonight we have to go to oldest grandson football game, so dinner is just something quick. Tomorrow an ice hockey game from granddaughter and one more game from other grandson. I love that we live close enough so we can go to all their things.

  2. The dinner sounds fun and even shopping with your husband! We need a new door bell… I think we need to go shopping too. Usually it’s me alone at the grocery store. I hope you had a great time and found what you were looking for! Very interesting bread’s you are baking.

    • Still on the hunt for the perfect mailbox, but it’s out there. 🙂 We did the doorbell last year. Don’t wait – they are cheap and easy to install! The breads were fun to bake – I’ll be posting on them soon, I hope!

  3. My Friday evening was spent laying 6 pretzels on a baking sheet, spraying them with water, dipping them in a pan of salt, baking them for 8 minutes, and repeating over and over for 4 hours. Slight breaks to fetch a pop or a bag of M&Ms or make a marching taco or tell the kids that the blue sour patch candies have been discontinued. I’d rather a date night with my spouse, but he’d need to return from his deployment first. Something to look forward to.

    I’m very curious how your injera turned out–I’d make Ethiopian food at home if I could figure out the bread, as there’s not a restaurant around here and we’ve been craving our fix for about 20 months now. Where did you get the Teff flour? What recipe did you use?

    • Ooh, concession stand duty. Fun?!

      The injera was okay. I might post on it soon. It turned out like it was supposed to, but I think teff is an acquired taste. I got my teff flour at a large local grocery store – Bob’s Red Mill makes it. Recipe:

      1/2 cup teff flour
      1/2 cup all-purpose flour
      1 cup water

      Mix, cover and let rest for 24-36 hours. It should get bubbly. Add 1/4 teaspoon salt and stir well. Lightly grease a non-stick skillet and heat over medium heat. Use 1/3-1/2 cup batter per pancake. Add to pan and swirl to spread batter evenly. Cook until edges are done and middle is bubbly, don’t flip. Move to a rack to cool.

  4. that actually sums up most of my fridays exactly. 🙂 cooking, baking, cleaning, list-making, same/same. and don’t underestimate how exciting a night out can be, even if it’s just for a mailbox! i got excited just reading that: stella has never spent the night with anyone but me, so i can only imagine how much fun that would be to get out for a WHOLE EVENING.

    • I love Fridays like that. I try to arrange my weeks so I can play in the kitchen at least some Fridays.

      We didn’t do any overnights until Calvin was almost four. And then only with grandparents for years. Now he does overnights with friends occasionally. Though the friend sleepovers are really late nights and he usually pays for those the next day. 🙂

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