New Gadget – Tiny Cookie Scoop


I am so excited that I have a new addition to my kitchen arsenal – a teeny, tiny cookie scoop. It holds 1½ teaspoons and will be perfect for making tiny cookies and miniature gooey butter tarts. Of course, it would have made more sense to get it before I made the mountain of tiny treats for the Midtown Alley BBQ last week. But now I am ready for the next bite-sized baking adventure.

All of you can stop shaking your heads and smiling like you understand, even if you think I’m goofy to get so excited about a kitchen tool. Think of your favorite hobby or even a not-so-favorite chore. It always goes better when you have the right tools.


When I was baking for the barbecue, I spent way too much time fiddling around to get the miniature gooey butter tarts portioned out so they were all the same size. My formerly smallest cookie scoop was too big, and a measuring teaspoon was too small. I added more to this muffin well, and less to that one and got them all to come out mostly the same. But, now that I have my tiny scoop, next time I will just be able to go along, scoop, scoop, scoop and be done.

Celebrate with me! And know that if you live close, or if you have an in with me, you will get to sample more tiny treats, since I have my new scoop. Or, if you just don’t get it, at least let me have my moment.

12 thoughts on “New Gadget – Tiny Cookie Scoop

  1. Our first year in Virginia, when my son was in 1st grade, we were all excited for the school’s Spring Carnival. I had tickets for all the games and rides, and we planned to spend the day there.
    Then my son got a cold, and I didn’t want to take his little sister to the carnival by herself, so I was stuck with a bunch of tickets. I scattered them around the basket auction–and won the cookie basket! In addition to a terrific Kitchen Aid turner/spatula/pancake flipper thingy I got a cookie scoop. It was so easy, and amazing, that I bought myself a muffin-sized scoop using a BB&B coupon within a year.
    Now, in addition to cookies, I scoop pesto, and caramelized onions, and meatballs.
    They are also called ‘dishers’ and I love them–I can see why you are so excited!

  2. I just put this teeny cookie scoop on “My Wishlist” at Amazon. Also, a Silpat, as I didn’t think I would like using one. I like it better than parchment – no curling corners. Hey, we gals have to have our tools of the trade, just like our guys have to have theirs. 🙂

    • I love my tiny scoop. I left the scoops all lined up after I took pictures, just to admire how they all looked. 🙂

      I have four non-name brand silicone mats that I use all the time, both for lining pans and for lightly covering rising bread loaves. They are much thinner than Silpats, but I like them. My MIL got me the first one and I have been adding to them.

      I use parchment too – since I got my deal on 500 sheets. I store them flat in a placemat rack slipped onto a pantry shelf. No curling edges, but I should have spent a little more on the parchment. It tends to burn if I use it in the oven much above 425 degrees.

  3. you know i get nerded out about kitchen tools, too, and obviously this one is my favorite. 🙂 i don’t have a mini sized one this small, but i need to get one. I know SLT has a really small one that may be the size of yours….looks like i need to go check now. 🙂

    • My new tiny one is a 110 and is supposed to hold about 1 1/2 teaspoons. The smallest one I had before was a 100, which I thought was plenty small enough until I made umpteen batches of gooey butter tarts in mini muffin pans. The 100 was too big and I ended up using a spoon to even up my amounts in the cups. Sort of defeated the purpose of using a scoop in the first place. 🙂

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