Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice


We love it when we go out to breakfast and the restaurant has fresh-squeezed orange juice. And we love it when we get a jug of grove stand-style grocery store orange juice that really tastes like fresh-squeezed. We never thought to squeeze our own orange juice, until last Saturday. I’m not sure why.

I remember reading a passage on squeezing oranges for juice in The Joy of Cooking, and thinking it sounded so exotic. Do many people squeeze their own orange juice? And I’m not talking about making juice out of any fruit or vegetable with a mechanical juicer, but just plain, old-fashioned, hand squeezed orange juice.

We picked up a few oranges on Friday and squeezed them Saturday morning. Our glass of juice was pretty darn good – bright, sweet, pulpy and freshly citrusy. But we got one glass from four large oranges. At a dollar an orange, it wasn’t a cheap glass of juice. And if we want to have enough for all three of us to have a small glass, we are talking at least $10 just for orange juice for one meal.

Does anyone know the secret to making fresh squeezed orange juice without breaking the bank? Buy oranges in bulk? Move to Florida or California? Fill me in folks, so we can feed our newfound squeezing habit.

7 thoughts on “Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice

  1. I had people staying over one weekend & realized that I’d forgotten to get orange juice for someone who doesn’t drink tea or coffee. I was ready to send my husband out for some & then noticed my big basket of oranges on the counter – trip saved. No doubt about fresh squeezed always being expensive but the amount of juice really depends upon the type of orange. For eating I like the navel oranges, but the smaller, non-naval juice oranges I think actually have more juice & are cheaper. They’re the ones that are tough to peel which makes them a good candidate for cutting in half & juicing.

  2. Our own orange trees are terrible and Antoon took out 1 of them already. The Cara-Cara tree is still there but not one orange to be seen. We get oranges from friends and relatives .I zest them first and then juice them. Though frozen juice to drink is not my favorite. I leave it for baking. Right now oranges in the store are not cheap here either.

    • Oh, to have our own orange trees! But sounds like yours are not what you want. 🙂 I still envy you the climate to actually grow your own citrus!

      My in-laws live in Florida and they swear that all the good citrus gets shipped north to the rest of the country, leaving them with the leftovers.

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