Red Velvet Cake Balls


Cake balls are everywhere. At least they used to be – I’m not totally up on all the dessert trends. I know, I know, I should be, but I make what I like and I like what I make. Apologies to Dr. Seuss. Anyway, I made a few cake balls last week and I must say, I am hooked.

As I chronicled in last week’s red velvet cake post, we had just a little bit of cake floating around here last week. Since we had two red velvet cakes in one week, we were just a wee bit tired of cake by the beginning of this week. We had a huge slab of cake left, and no one was eating it. Cake balls to the rescue.

I mashed the cake and icing together with a fork, until it was more or less homogenous. The mix was a little dry. I just happened to have a few tablespoons of leftover icing in the fridge. I added that to the mix and it made it the perfect texture. I can’t say it looked great – though cake mush isn’t all bad. I used my smallest cookie scoop and made about a dozen tiny balls. They were pretty squishy, but after a brief chill in the fridge, they held their shape nicely.


While they were good plain, I decided to dip a few in melted chocolate. I used semisweet chocolate chips, since there were handy. The dipping job was rustic, to say the least. But I am all about flavor over appearance, so they were fine.

I am already thinking about other combinations, other than red velvet cake and cream cheese icing. I have a few pieces of vanilla cake in the freezer. And I think I saw a piece or two of chocolate bundt cake in there too, while I was rooting around to find a pork tenderloin for dinner on Tuesday. I see more cake balls in the future.

There isn’t really a recipe here. Mash cake with icing, ideally already iced cake that is leftover. If you have extra icing, you can add it to the mix if it is too dry to hold together. If you don’t, a tablespoon of melted butter would work nicely. Then make balls. If you want icing on the cake (hah!), dip the balls in melted chocolate. Eat and enjoy. All by yourself, if that floats your boat. Or you can share.


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