I am a Dessert Sponsor for the Midtown Alley BBQ!


I took a leap a few weeks ago and volunteered to sponsor the desserts at the second annual Midtown Alley BBQ. Rich’s company, Atomicdust, hosts the event, which is a barbecue competition among ad agencies in the area. In honor of Hunger Action Month, the event will benefit Food Outreach St. Louis, a local charity that provides healthful food for people living with HIV/AIDS or cancer. All proceeds and suitable food leftovers will go to Food Outreach.

Not that I ever really need a reason to bake, but it is fun to bake for an event. And one that has my name, well, the blog’s name, on publications. And it’s icing on the cake that Rich’s co-workers are such enthusiastic supporters of the blog and my baked goods.


I have been taunting providing updates via Twitter and email to the peeps at Atomicdust as I bake my way through the days leading up the barbecue on Thursday. So far I have made gooey butter tarts, chocolate gooey butter tarts and gingersnaps. I’ll make chocolate chip cookies later this week.


Everything is very small, so they will be bite-sized. I made the tarts in mini muffin pans and the gingersnaps with my smallest cookie scoop as a portion guide. I want people to be able to pop their sweet treats in their mouths – no plates or utensils required.


The freezer has been my friend, as I get ready for the barbecue. Tomorrow I will bake the last tarts and stash them in the freezer until Thursday.  I will bake the chocolate chip cookies on the day of the barbecue. I find the chocolate chips sometimes lose their gooeyness when I freeze them, so I’m not going there with them.

If you are in town, feel free to stop by on Thursday evening. Eat a little barbecue, support a worthy charity and sample a sweet treat made by yours truly.

12 thoughts on “I am a Dessert Sponsor for the Midtown Alley BBQ!

  1. oh my goodness SO MANY BAKED GOODS! those little gooey butter tarts look like they’re about the jump right off the screen at me (and is it bad that i wish they would? no.) 🙂

    • Thanks, Shannon! I have approximately 400 pieces between the four things. Baking for an event has given me surprising self-control. I didn’t want to make more work for myself by eating my stash. But all gloves are off at the event. I will be eating my share of the desserts!

  2. ack! i closed my comment before i was done. 😉 i would love to stop by tonight, but we’ve got a little fundraiser thing for stella’s school this evening. i will be with you in spirit (because no doubt the food will be better where you are than where i am! 🙂 have a lovely time!

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