Back to Basics Series


I have been toying with the idea of a series of posts covering basic recipes. I am always amazed at the responses I get to posts on simple recipes. And I have had friends who have asked for help with simple (to me) things like plain rice, biscuits and pie crust.

I have a few topics in mind, but I want to cover things that you want to learn. Do you have dishes that you just can’t make the way you envision? I don’t pretend to know how to make all things, but I’ll do what I can. Make your requests in the comments and we’ll get started.


14 thoughts on “Back to Basics Series

  1. Sarah,
    Hmm, that’s a toughie–only when you post something I’d not thought of trying is when I think ‘hey, I should try that’ . . . like your hamburger buns. I just used the last of that batch tonight with dinner, come to think of it, I’ll need to make more.

    As much as pizza crust is something I (literally) can do in my sleep, pie crust scares me. Perhaps you could hold my hand?

  2. Basics like-

    Regular White/ Brown bread,
    Simple old fashioned cakes
    Easy biscuits. Not cookies/shortbread.
    Pie /Tart crusts
    Puff pastry
    Pasta (from scratch)
    Sauces from scratch.
    Home made cheeses

    So many I’d like to add.

  3. Sarah, My Grandmother used to make a chocolate fudge icing that she poured over the cake and it hardened. It was soooo good. I’ve never been able to find a recipe. Once I melted the frosting that you buy in the store and that sort of worked. I guess this wouldn’t be considered ‘basic’, but thought I’d ask you anyway.


  4. ha! you could probably just read through my blog and find out what i say i’m terrified of, because it’s almost ALWAYS the basics. 😉 all of those are solid ones to cover – i still can’t make rice correctly (although no problems with quinoa?) and i just recently learned how to make a proper biscuit, same with pie crust. how about pancakes? those are DIFFICULT for me. I saw bread as a suggestion, and that’s a good one if you did maybe ones which didn’t involve starters? or maybe even just the principles behind bread-making (like how not to screw it up). cinnamon rolls were a nice suggestion too: even just a sweet roll dough in general would be nice, b/c they’re not always easy.

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