Resort Weather Weekend

2013-07-27 11.49.55

Whenever we have clear skies and temps in the 70s my mother calls it “resort weather.” This past weekend’s weather certainly fit the bill. We didn’t even make it to 80 on Saturday. Keep in mind that usual highs for late July in St. Louis are upper 90s, with swamp-worthy humidity.

Plans for last Saturday: stop at World’s Fair Donuts for a treat, walk around the Missouri Botanical Gardens, picnic lunch in Tower Grove Park.

Lesson in PBE ­– play by ear in Calvin-speak. We pulled up to the doughnut shop to see this:

2013-07-27 10.16.04

Change of plans – seek out the new pastry shop in the neighborhood Rich had heard about. While we didn’t find the exact one, we found La Patisserie Chouquette and had these instead of doughnuts:

2013-07-27 10.34.42

We had a choux pastry filled with Mexican chocolate pastry cream, an almond croissant and an almond cream cheese pastry. The pastry was flaky and light, and the fillings were perfect. The Mexican chocolate pastry cream was my favorite – creamy and dark, with a hint of cinnamon.

2013-07-27 11.00.08

On to the Gardens for the desert show (not dessert) and a lovely walk through enough flower beds and demonstration vegetable gardens to give me gardener’s envy for life.

2013-07-27 11.19.47

Lunch was an assortment of cheeses, homemade bread, nuts, dried fruit and apples on a picnic blanket in the shade of a giant pine tree. I can’t believe I am saying this about St. Louis in July, but it was almost chilly in the shade. This was the sky we saw when we looked up as we relaxed on our blanket after lunch.

2013-07-27 13.08.54



4 thoughts on “Resort Weather Weekend

  1. Perfection is right! I wish we could have just 1, okay make it 2 days of perfect weather here. We’ve either had downpours or hot/humid & nothing in between. I had to look back at the pictures I took of the Nemo blizzard last winter to make myself feel better.

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