Black Pepper – The Spice of Life


The old adage that you don’t appreciate something until it’s gone is so true. I finally have a working pepper grinder and I am surprised how much I missed it. It was a sad day for me when our pepper mill bit the dust. I am not talking about a pretentious yard-long pepper grinder like they offer you in fancy, and not so fancy, restaurants. I am talking about the run-of-the-mill pepper grinder you keep on the kitchen table and grind over your plate without thinking much about it.

After the mechanism in our pepper grinder rained plastic shards onto my plate, it took me several weeks to pick up a new one. I would remember the broken pepper grinder when I was cooking, or eating, but not when I was actually at the store.

It was amazing how much I missed my freshly ground black pepper. The can of faded ground pepper that had been hanging out in the cabinet just didn’t fill the void. There is nothing like cracking peppercorns as you need them. They release that sharp, tangy aroma as they fall in irregular black and tan shards on top of a steaming potato or creamy plate of scrambled eggs. I missed my pepper and I am so glad I have it back.

Think really hard. What spice or condiment would you miss if you had to do without it?


2 thoughts on “Black Pepper – The Spice of Life

  1. Sarah,
    I own 2 pepper grinders. I have a habit of moving, long distances over water, which means that I fly to my new home while my household goods float on a boat.
    I get there first.
    The first time I moved and had to deal with pepper dust for several months, I realized that it was worth it to me to buy a second pepper grinder. Since the first came in a set, that’s the one that floats on the boat and sits on the dining room table for at table seasoning. The other one travels in my suitcase (and I could have used it this weekend visiting relatives! Oy!) and lives by the stove once we are settled in our new home. I’ve done . . . . 4 moves since that epiphany and I can truthfully say that freshly ground pepper is the condiment I would miss.

    Great post!

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