Brownies, Custard and Turnovers, Oh My


It’s back to reality today. We just spent a week in Colorado with my in-laws and, I must say, it is hard to get back to the routine. It was a week of hiking, eating and pretty much doing whatever we felt like. For me, that meant reading or baking during our down time or when we were waiting out afternoon storms.


Baking, and even cooking, at 10,000 feet takes some getting used to for this Missouri girl. We made one batch of brownies that we had made before, so we knew those would work. We also tried making custard, which worked beautifully and needed no adjustments for altitude. Stay tuned for the recipe later this week, after another test batch or two.


I made apple turnovers after we had some truly lousy apple pie at a restaurant. We needed to have “real” apple pie after our experience with gloppy filling, full of crunchy apples, surrounded by greasy, soggy, tasteless crust. My in-laws’ summer condo doesn’t have a lot of baking equipment, so we had to improvise a bit. First of all I made turnovers, instead of pie, since there was no pie plate. I tried freezing the butter and then grating it into the flour to make the crust, which worked beautifully. I will be doing that again, even in my kitchen full of gadgets and appliances.


And there was no rolling pin, so I used a handy bottle of chocolate raspberry flavored vodka to roll out the crust. Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures of the turnovers before we ate them. Trust me that they were much better than our restaurant pie – flaky, buttery crust filled with sweet cinnamon apples.

When we weren’t eating we were hiking – short hikes, mind you. None of us are into camping out or even all day hikes.


We managed to see bighorn sheep (the ewes and lambs, no rams with the impressive horns), mountain goats, bristlecone pines and lots of mountain vistas, as well as have the obligatory snowball fight in July.



Now it is back to the ordinary: work, chores, views of suburban trees instead of snow-topped mountains and not nearly as many desserts. How soon until we can go back?

Rich and Sarah


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