Tomato Anticipation


Celebrate with me – I have tomatoes in the garden that are bigger than peas! The first day I noticed them they weren’t even that big, but they doubled in size in a day, and they continue to grow. Our goal for ripe tomatoes is usually the Fourth of July, and we might just make it this year, even with our screwy, hot then cold spring.

I am so looking forward to cooking with garden tomatoes, and eating them on sandwiches. This is from a person who went from hating even the smell of raw tomatoes when she was a kid, to thinking they smelled pretty good but still hesitating to eat them, to looking forward to the first BLT or grilled cheese and tomato sandwich of the summer. Not to mention bruschetta with chopped tomatoes, pasta with olive oil marinated tomatoes, pizza with sliced tomatoes, roasted tomato pasta sauce, pizza sauce and veggie sauté featuring tomatoes. I guess I am a true tomato convert.

There is such excitement when we get the first tomato from our own plants. It isn’t always the tastiest tomato, but it is the first one. And following close on its heels will be loads of tangy, yet sweet, warm from the sun garden tomatoes. Maybe I should buy some bacon so we’ll be ready.

What is your favorite summer vegetable or fruit?


9 thoughts on “Tomato Anticipation

  1. My absolute favorite is apricots. Have 2 trees and they were loaded this year. All gone now! Some cut in half and frozen. Some made into sauce for ice cream or jam. My girls and their families got some as did my neighbors. Now the apples are coming. I did not thin them out so they will stay small. But is just hurts me to thin them out. After that it is grape time. My big vine is so full. Wonderful. Lots of raisins. And grape juice. I think I will dry the pulp leftover from making juice and grind that fine and use it with my breads, along with the raisins. Fun time ahead!!

    • Oh, you are making me so envious of your California climate! Your own raisins! I am just speechless.

      What do you make with your apples? I love homemade applesauce and always make some when we get fresh apples in the fall.

      Have fun with all your produce!

      • I make applesauce too.Put it in ziploc bags so I can freeze it laying flat. I also dry them. I do have a dehydrator. That thing is about 35 years old and the trays are starting to break. I use dried apples on the bottom of apple pies. I figure it will absorb some of the fresh apples juices. I dry bananas too. Cut them in half and then length wise. So 4 pieces. Called them lizard skins. The girls took them to school and came back with requests if their friends could have some too.

        • I need to get a dehydrator. I heard someone talking the other day on a “Splendid Table” podcast about adding his dehydrated garden vegetables to stews and casseroles to really up the vegetable flavor. I am intrigued.

  2. Sarah,
    I think I’d have to agree with you on the summer tomato. I love spring strawberries, and asparagus, and salad greens, and and and . . . but nothing beats a tomato sandwich for me.
    My juvenile tomato plants keep attempting to set fruit, but I want them to grow a bit more and figure out what they want to do with their lives before bearing fruit . . . . wait, hang on, I’ve muddled things again. Perhaps I’ll stop pinching off blossoms and just let them have at it.

    • Kirsten, let those tomato children be. They know when they are mature enough to bear babies.LOL. That said, I never have been able to grow tomatoes.Even when someone told me to put the last end of their roots side ways in the soil.I am doomed to buying them.

      • I am so excited to see blooms, and then tiny tomatoes, I never pinch off blossoms. I do at the end of the season, when I think they won’t have time to make tomatoes, but I don’t always bother with that, either.

        When I plant tomatoes, I clip off all but the topmost leaves and plant them in deep holes. The plant makes roots all along the stem and is supposed to have stronger, more drought resistant roots if you bury it deep. Not sure if that is true either.

        We had a couple of hot days and my cherry tomatoes are now the size of cherry tomatoes! Now they just have to ripen…

  3. Lucky you!! I bought my tomato plants on Mother’s day and we finally got them planted Saturday, June 8. We have had so much rain here in Northern Iowa that the farmers are even worried they may not be able to plant the beans instead of their usual corn crop. We finally, got our green beans planted last night And tonight, we had over 2 inches rain in a downpour. Hopefully, the rain didn’t wash out the beans, which has happened in a past year. Thank goodness for farmer’s market. Bought some nice smelling tomatoes from there today. Hope your rain hasn’t been too heavy, like ours has been. M

    • Ours have had a slow start, with crazy swings in temperature. My dad, master gardener that he is, has tomatoes bigger than golf balls and will probably have ripe ones in a couple of weeks. He put his out early, and then sheltered them from the cold late temps we had. And from the searing hot days we had when the plants were tiny. I got mine in a few weeks after his, so they are slower to get going.

      We have had rains, but they have been mostly manageable. We had a few heavy storms, but not when I had just planted seeds. Don’t you hate that! I look out at the rain and can almost see my seeds washing aways with the runoff.

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