Spring has Sprung


While we are afraid to truly believe it, I think spring is here in St. Louis. We had highs in the 70s all weekend and aren’t supposed to dip below freezing all week. I know we will still have a frost or two, probably, but we are in the home stretch. Spring weather is only a week or two later than usual, but compared to last year when we had 80s in March, we are lagging. I am ecstatic that the trees are blooming and budding and a few are even putting out leaves. I love leaves on the trees. Every year I yearn for the leaves more, I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s my redheaded complexion that just wants there to be more shade in the world.

We spent most of Saturday working in the yard – raking up a multitude of sweet gum balls from our neighbor’s tree, picking up a winter’s worth of sticks and seeding a few bare patches in the lawn. After all that we had time to turn over the garden and plant the garlic plants we dug from my parents’ garlic bed on Easter. I so love a busy day of yard work. Really I do. That is not sarcasm. I won’t be so joyous come the heat of summer, but now it is still a novelty after what seems like a really long, cold winter.


Saturday is my day to bake, at least when it is too cold to be outside. I bake less when the weather is nice, but I usually manage to at least make something to have for dessert Saturday night. This week I experimented with cheesecake bars. While the picture is pretty, they are still a work in progress. You can cover a multitude of mistakes with homemade caramel sauce. Stay tuned for the bar recipe when I get it perfected.


We took advantage of the beautiful weather and grilled hamburgers for dinner. I didn’t want to take the time to make buns for them, and we had cleaned out our freezer stash. We had (gasp!) store buns with our hamburgers. Rich offered to buy them so I didn’t have to be seen buying buns. Not really, but it did give me time to make the cream cheese bars while he was gone.


Calvin got in on the action to make dinner and I must say our oven fries were some of the best we have ever made. The burgers weren’t bad either.  I love days when it all comes together – family time, chores and even dessert. Even without the homemade buns.

2 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung

  1. Looks like you might be a few weeks ahead of us here in New England but I’m seeing the bulbs sprouting & some buds on the trees. Just can’t wait for those last snow piles to disappear though.

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