Kitchen Workhorse – Microplane Grater


My microplane grater might be one of the best purchases I ever made. I use it almost every day. Well, that might be exaggerating a bit, but I do use it almost every day, and sometimes more than once.


I bought it to grate Parmigiano-Reggiano. Yes, the real stuff in a block. I won’t sing the praises of the cheese too much, but we do go through it at an alarming rate. The texture you get from grating it on the microplane is fabulous. It is finely grated, and falls onto pasta in a beautiful fluffy cloud. It melts in an instant, covering everything in salty decadence.


I realized pretty quickly after I bought it that I could also grate my nutmeg with the grater, and it worked better than the side of my box grater or my coffee/spice grinder. A few seconds and I had the fragrant, freshly ground nutmeg I hate to do without.


In a close three-way tie with the cheese and nutmeg is citrus zest. The microplane makes soft, finely grated, almost dissolvable zest in no time. No chopping curls of zest with a knife to make it small enough to disappear into a sauce. No unpleasantly bitter bits hiding in muffins or cakes –just moist zest with none of the bitter white pith, and in no time.

When I zest, I like to hold the fruit in my hand with the microplane upside down on the top side of the fruit, sharp part toward the peel. This seems backwards, but the zest collects inside the blade, held together by the oils from the rind, making it easy to measure. And the angle works better for me, especially after my hands get oily and wet and the fruit gets slippery. I tend to send fewer lemons and limes shooting across the counter and bouncing onto the floor.

I bought my microplane (which is actually a brand name) more than five years ago, and probably closer to ten. It was about $12 then, and they are about that price now. Mine has a blade that’s about an inch wide and about eight inches long, with a fat black handle. There are multiple shapes and sizes, but I prefer mine. For me, the size gives me the most flexibility. I do wish it had a cover, which some of the newer ones do – it would provide appreciated protection for my knuckles when it is in its drawer. I must say that $12 was worth every penny.

What kitchen gadget do you turn to for task after task?


4 thoughts on “Kitchen Workhorse – Microplane Grater

  1. I had a cover for my microplane, but we (the cover, the microplane, and I) went down the street to grate fresh nutmeg on hot toddies one night, and only the microplane and I returned. Ah well, perhaps a wee bit too much hot toddy was involved?

    It’s due to snow today, and now I’m craving a hot toddy . . .
    Thanks, Sarah!

  2. I was just shopping for a new cover for mine today after I melted the old one.

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