Sharpen your Knives

DSC_0025Every time I sharpen my knives I wonder why I waited so long. My dad is a careful steward of my parents’ knives and I know he sometimes bites his tongue at the state of the knives in my kitchen. I was watching a cooking show the other day and saw the chef cut raw meat like it was soft butter. I need to get my knives as sharp as that.

Any job, from trimming raw meat to slicing vegetables is so much easier if your knife is sharp ­– you can let the knife do the work for you. If you find you have to put some muscle into it, your knife is dull.

You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg to have your knives sharpened. You can do it yourself in just minutes, and it isn’t hard. A simple sharpening stone is easy to use and costs less than ten dollars. You can also get a sharpener that you draw the blade of the knife through, sharpening both sides of the blade at the same time.  As with anything, sharpeners come in a range of prices, but you don’t have to break the bank.

What are you waiting for? Go sharpen your knives.


4 thoughts on “Sharpen your Knives

  1. Oh, you are so right! Every time I’ve cut myself, it’s been with a dull knife. We have a Chef’s Choice sharpener, which always ends up in the back of the cupboard. We also have a ceramic crossed rod thingy that does an amazing job. I promise to sharpen knives tomorrow!

  2. I use the Chef’s Choice too. My mother can use a sharpening steel, always has, always will! She’s got a Chinese cleaver that’s as old as I am, and I swear you could slice a hair with the darn thing!
    I also have a small handheld knife sharpener, that I got as a gift, years back, that does in a ‘pinch’.

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