Dessert Inspiration for Valentine’s Day

Just in case you aren’t up to making your own candy hearts for Valentine’s Day. Or if you would rather indulge in something of the chocolate (or vanilla) variety, I am highlighting a few of my favorite recipes from past posts. All of them are easy and make great celebration desserts, whether you make them for your honey, with your family or by yourself and for yourself.

2012-09-28 16.07.46

First off is the perennial favorite – flourless chocolate cake. Butter and chocolate make for a decadent dessert that is right for any occasion.


Or you could make my favorite chocolate cake of all time – black devil’s food. This is a childhood recipe for me and I can’t sing its praises loud enough. It goes together in minutes, doesn’t require a mixer and always tastes good. You can take the time to make the easy fudge icing that goes with it, go all out with both fudge and cream cheese icings, or serve it plain with a sprinkle of powdered sugar and vanilla ice cream. If you are feeling crazy you can make the ice cream too.


If you want an even easier dessert, that gives you more time with your main squeeze, or your family, try the microwave chocolate pudding. You can jazz it up with crushed Oreos, graham crackers or whipped cream, or eat it plain in all its deep chocolate deliciousness.


If you aren’t in the mood for chocolate, try the vanilla cheesecake I made while we were on vacation last summer.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day celebrations, no matter what they are. And if you are skipping it, make a dessert anyway. Because, as my brother said, according to family lore, “There’s always dessert.”


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