Food Trends for 2013

Rich sent me a link to an online article from USA Today about 2013 food trends from the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. I am not up on my food shows – a quick Google search told me that the Fancy Food Show is the largest specialty food show in North America. There is also a summer show in New York. Alas, only food professionals and press members can attend.

The article was an interesting read, and it led me to another article about the same food show that highlighted some of the same trends, but added some different ones too. I have no idea if the authors based their picks on the prevalence of products at the shows or on other factors, as they didn’t provide that level of detail. Their predictions included coconut and banana products, beer as an ingredient, botanical drinks (licorice mint almond water, anyone?), new oils, seeds in products, blue cheese and spicy sweet confections.

We are supposed to be behind the trends and times here in the middle of the country. And to some, the middle of the country is anything beyond the borders of California and New York. Yet I have seen some of these “new” trends here in St. Louis (you can’t get much more in the middle than here) for several years now, including spicy chocolate, seeds in everything, new water and juice flavors and exotic seed oils.

I hesitate to predict my own trends for the country, but I can safely predict the trends for my own family:


We are going to be exploring more vegetable and fruit choices as we try to expand our palates. I hope this will manifest itself in a few side dish recipes I will be willing to share on the blog.

I want to break out of my perennial dinner rut and try new main dish recipes. I am hampered a bit by picky palates and a lack of adventurous spirits. We will have to see how far I can push the envelope and still keep everyone reasonably happy. Feel free to share any ideas you have with me and I will certainly think about trying them.


I use a lot of olive oil. I am going to try to branch out a bit beyond my grocery store oil to see if I can find a better quality oil without a huge price increase. I listened to a Splendid Table podcast last week that highlighted some California olive oils that can be had for less than I pay for my current brand. I do like the idea of branching out into other kinds of oils, though that can get pricy. I might seek out stores where I can try the oils first, so I don’t end up with bottles of oils I’ll never use after the first taste.


Chocolate is always a trend around our house. We have already done the chili and chocolate combination, and I don’t see that going away any time soon. We also will be looking into chocolate and vanilla, chocolate and coffee, chocolate and almond and chocolate and chocolate.

What trends do you see in your kitchen for 2013?


7 thoughts on “Food Trends for 2013

  1. I always wondered where or even why some of these trends start. Now I guess I know the where but I’m not sure of the why – nope, I don’t think I’ll be out searching for any licorice mint almond water. It’s sure hard to sneak in some new ideas when you’ve got picky eaters. In my case though I guess I’m lucky in that my husband is happy enough to get a meal in front of him almost every night.

    • Don’t get me wrong – the family is perfectly happy with the dinners I make. I am just tired of the same old things. I am hoping I will be able to come up with some different meals this year.

      Who thinks up the water flavors? I can’t imagine something much worse than licorice mint almond water. Licorice isn’t a favorite of mine, and certainly not in my water!

  2. Hi, Sarah! Great post!

    You should check out Vom Fass in Maplewood and Extra Virgin in Clayton. They are both such great places for learning about — and sampling — new olive oils! And if you hit up Vom Fass, check out their vinegar selections as well … they have introduced me to some mind-blowing vinegar and olive oil combos … my salads will never be the same!

    • Thanks!

      I have been to Vom Fass, and I think they even had some of the seed and exotic nut oils. Need to get back there to try some of those. I haven’t been to Extra Virgin – that will have to go on the list. I also like diOlivas in West County Mall. They have the best 15-year balsamic. I am currently out and I am missing it! Since I found that I haven’t had anything on my salads but a heavy drizzle of balsamic and a light drizzle of olive oil. Yum!

  3. Licorice mint water ? Yes. Adding almond flavor to that ? I don’t think so. We have a lovely olive oil store in Temecula, where you can taste all the oils. And the olive grove is about an hour away from there.

  4. Sarah,
    Now that I think on it. one of the reasons I love my CSA is that I cannot be in a rut–I never know what will come in the box each week, or in what quantity, so all of my cooking is *reacting* to what I’ve got, not planning in advance. I know, this style is not for everyone. But it keeps things fun and fresh around here.

    I don’t care for licorice, either.

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