The Day After

I was going to write a post today, but I couldn’t decide what to write about. To be truthful, the thought of writing about food really doesn’t appeal today, after way too many pecan tassies and other goodies yesterday. If I were really on the ball, I would have written a post ahead of time and scheduled it to publish today, but I that just didn’t happen this week.

I hope your Thanksgiving was a great day yesterday, full of family and friends, food and fun. We had a lovely visit with family, and ate so much more than was good for us. Calvin went home with my parents, for his annual two-night Thanksgiving sleepover. Rich and I will spend our time eating leftovers, checking out a few sales later this afternoon and getting out the Christmas decorations. We slept late today and will again tomorrow. I can’t think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving weekend. What do you do on the day after Turkey Day?


6 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. Since I spend Thanksgiving with friends, the day after (or on Saturday as is the case this year) is when I make my own Thanksgiving dinner. My friend is a great cook, but she makes the meal her way, which is as it should be, but I always crave my own favorites. And, when you have dinner elsewhere, there are no leftovers, which as we all know is the whole reason for making the meal in the first place! I make most of the usual things, but the stuffing has to be made with apples and onions and celery, there has to be brussels sprouts, and there has to be fresh cranberry sauce rather than canned. Anything else is up for grabs, and I frequently will try a new side dish or a slightly different way to make the turkey. I’m making my favorite turkey breast this year, which is roasted with sage and rosemary and has an onion balsamic gravy. Yum! I did take a piece of pie home from my friend’s, so I have dessert — Apple Crumb Brandy Pie. Double Yum!

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