Show Your Cutting Boards Some Love

Keep your cutting boards and other wooden kitchen tools looking their best and lasting their longest with an occasional coat of oil. Don’t forget your wooden spoons, knife handles, serving utensils and trays. It will help keep the wood conditioned and prevent cracking. And it will help prevent the boards from absorbing aromas from onions and garlic. Plus they look so much prettier when they are freshly oiled – the only difference between the cutting boards in the above picture is one coat of oil on the one on the right.

The pictures below are close-ups of the same cutting boards – one oiled

and one untreated.

You want to use food grade mineral oil on your cutting boards instead of something like olive oil that could go rancid and give them an “off” smell. I found my bottle in the grocery store years ago, and I have used only a little bit of it. It should last me decades more. You might have to ask where to find it. Mine was in the medicine aisle, but it might be in the hardware aisle.

Rub a heavy coat on your wooden utensils and boards with a paper towel and let it sit, resting on more paper towels, for a few minutes. Rub well with yet another paper towel (no, this post is not sponsored by Bounty) until there is no greasy feel, and you are done. Sit back and admire your beautiful woodenware, or get out the garlic and start chopping.

2 thoughts on “Show Your Cutting Boards Some Love

    • You can see how long it has been for mine, based on the appearance of the untreated board. They look so much nicer now that they are all done! Now I need to do my spoons and knife handles. Hope you have a great weekend too!

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