St. Louis Food Media Forum

I attended the St. Louis Food Media Forum the last weekend in July, and I am just posting about it. It has taken me this long to process the information enough to even think about writing about it. The weekend was packed with workshops and talks on everything from writing technique to food photography to blog branding, interspersed with chances to chat, try great local food and trade business cards. It was energizing to mingle with other food bloggers, as well as professional food writers, photographers and editors.

I am just dipping my toe into the blogging waters and I learned about so many different ways I can go with it. I talked to hobby bloggers, career bloggers and people who are thinking of starting a blog. I learned how to improve my writing, my photography and my web presence. Doing it all is another story, but I know it will happen. In time.

The conference, as a food-centric meeting should, included snacks and meals from beginning to end. I sampled so many things on Saturday that I wasn’t hungry for dinner. I paced myself a little better on Sunday, but not much. The highlights for me were the cranberry cookies from Pint Size Bakery – which were almost the size of a plate. I loved the irony, though I don’t think it was intended. I couldn’t get enough of these cookies – fragrant with butter and white chocolate, contrasted with chewy dried cranberries and salty potato chip pieces.

Once I worked my way out of the cranberry cookie haze, I swooned over the raspberry oatmeal bars (buttery oatmeal and brown sugar crumbles held together with raspberry preserves) from Nadoz Café, along with the slightly healthier blueberry breakfast cookies from Local Harvest and the margherita pizza from PW Pizza. I think we will be paying some visits to area eateries soon to sample a few more goodies. I have to do a lot of taste testing to figure out which recipes I want to try to recreate, after all.

It was a weekend of information, conversation and good food. I expected nothing less, based on the list of sponsors and speakers. Now I just have to figure out how to put all that I learned into practice. And maybe make a trip to a bakery or two to work on that recipe research.

Note: The photos in this post are from J. Pollack Photography. Jonathan Pollack was kind enough to take photos and allow attendees to use them in posts about the conference.


2 thoughts on “St. Louis Food Media Forum

  1. The Forum sounded great but I dont think your blog needs any improvement! Love your writing style and your recipes are all delicious! Dont change too much!

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