Snippets from the week

It has been what was probably the busiest week of the summer for me. We had Vacation Bible School at our church in the mornings all week. I was in charge of telling the Bible story to the preschoolers and Calvin was a junior leader for a group of kids. It was a good week, but we were gone all morning every day, and some days were exhausted when we got home.

I also was trying to finish up loose ends on a couple of work projects. My brother and sister-in-law are visiting next week and I am taking the week off to spend time with them. So that meant fitting work in around volunteering at church, household chores and sleeping. I got it all done, but it was a lot of planning to get it all to happen.

I didn’t do a lot of cooking this week. We had simple dinners, most of which didn’t involve the oven. They were, frankly, a little boring – sandwiches, baked potatoes and salad (blogged already), macaroni and cheese (ditto) and scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins (I will write on the muffins one day, just not this week!).

Last night we had friends over for an Olympics’ watch party. In keeping with the busy week, we had make-your-own finger sandwiches (British theme), watermelon and baby carrots (that our friends brought, thank you, guys!), corn on the cob, chips and dessert. I did indulge my sadly neglected baking urge and make sugar cookies and flourless chocolate tortes (very easy, I will blog on those, and the cookies, soon). There were only seven of us, but we managed to make serious inroads in the sweets. It was a fun night with friends, and all the better for not stressing about the food or spending tons of time in the kitchen.

This weekend I am going to a food media forum here in town. I am excited to spend two days with people who love food, and who love to write about and photograph it. The agenda for the two days looks fabulous, and based on the sponsors, we will be eating well! If you follow Twitter, I will be live Tweeting about it today. Look for me @TheCooksLife and tweets from everyone there at #foodforum for tweets about the day.

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