Foxes, Flowers and Crows

We are spending a week with my in-laws in Colorado. They are at almost 10,000 feet, which is quite a change from the 630 feet of our part of Missouri. The first day or two are certainly an adjustment period, mostly for me. Rich doesn’t seem to need any time to adjust, and Calvin’s only concession was a nap on the first full day here (and he is not a napper). I, on the other hand, take several days before I am not puffing like a steam engine when we walk up even the gentlest of inclines. I do adjust, as long as we don’t climb any mountains (such activity is never on our agenda). The first day here we explored a farmers’ market and baked a cheesecake – my kind of day.

The first night we were here, there was some sort of commotion outside the open windows at about two in the morning – snarling and yipping. We couldn’t see anything, but we guessed it might have been foxes (totally uneducated guess). There is a young fox who walks by almost every morning and evening, though everyone has seen her but me. We are in town, though on the edge of it, so seeing a fox is pretty cool.

Every morning we are serenaded by a flock of crows. They sound just like our crows at home, and a quick Google search showed that American crows range over the entire North American continent, but these crows are bigger than the crows we are used to seeing in St. Louis. They look like they could carry off small children, though there aren’t any warnings posted anywhere.

Other than watching wildlife from the windows and baking (and eating) desserts, we like to take hikes on the surrounding trails. These are easy hikes, concentrating more on sightseeing and taking pictures than covering miles and actually trying to get somewhere. We usually end up with lots of pictures of wildflowers and panoramic views of the mountains and sky. I love extreme close-ups of the flowers, rocks and fallen logs. And I love digital photography since it takes me so many tries to get them just right. The first day we hiked I was fighting with iffy sunlight and inopportune gusts of wind. The flowers just don’t understand when you tell them to hold still.

Relaxation, exploring the mountains, taking pictures and playing in the kitchen are my idea of a vacation. What are you doing this summer to get away from it all?


9 thoughts on “Foxes, Flowers and Crows

  1. 3 days Paris, 10 days somewhere in the province of Auvergne . About 4 weeks in Holland to visit with friends and relatives. Hate to fly, but looking forward to seeing every one again.

  2. You didn’t mention that you and Rich left today and still have a couple of more days vacation as you left Calvin here with Grandma and Grandpa. Calvin getting too old, flying back by himself! Went to farmer’s market in Dillon and got Calvin some dips to take home. Also got some more Habanero Jelly. Will bring one for you when we come thru in September. Had a fun time!

    • Hi Mom. It was a wonderful trip! Don’t spoil Calvin too much. I take that back – what are Grandmas and Grandpas for? Have fun! We miss you already!

  3. Sarah — I strongly suspect the avian choir you are hearing is composed of ravens, not crows. We have far more ravens here than crows and they are big and very vocal.

    • I knew you had ravens there, but I didn’t look them up, since the birds I saw looked like crows. Do their calls sound the same as crows’? “Quoth the raven, ‘Nevermore.'”

      Thanks for posting! And thanks for setting the record straight!

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