Fish Filets with Tomatoes, Squash and Basil

Rich found this recipe for fish with zucchini and tomatoes last week when he was trying out our new ipad subscription to Bon Appetit. We had a bounty of zucchini and yellow squash from my parents’ garden, so it made the perfect quick dinner. My pictures aren’t as pretty as the magazine’s, especially since I forgot to add the basil, but dinner was delicious.

I used tilapia for the fish and didn’t really measure anything, instead just using the recipe as a guideline. You could make your own adaptations – use onion instead of shallots or change up the vegetables. Just be sure you slice everything very thin so it will be done when the fish is cooked.

We will definitely be having this again when we can use our own garden tomatoes and basil. From start to finish, even with my frozen fish, this took only a few minutes to pull together and half an hour in the oven. And the parchment makes for easy clean up, which is always a plus in my book.


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