I Can’t Stop Baking

My dad’s family is holding a family reunion this weekend in rural southeast Missouri, where he and his siblings grew up. Two of my aunts still live in the area and the rest of us are headed there for the festivities. Calvin and I are driving with my parents on Thursday and Rich is coming after work on Friday. It will be one long weekend of cooking, eating, talking and playing games (probably board games since it is supposed to be HOT this weekend).

I am baking like a crazy woman for the festivities. I can’t seem to stop myself. I guess it is the life of a baker to keep thinking of things I want to eat, things I think will help out the hosting families and things that will round out the menu. Early in the week I made a batch of zucchini muffins and two batches of cookie bars – chocolate chip and chocolate oat bars.

Today I made a recipe that makes four loaves of whole wheat oat bread. As you can imagine, it makes a massive amount of dough and it just barely fit in my big Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I had to use my biggest container to let it rise and boy did it rise! It popped the top off and would have gone on to take over the kitchen if I hadn’t heard the POP from the other room. It kind of turned into the bread dough that ate St. Louis. If I had listened to myself and made six loaves I would have ended up with normal sized bread. The four giant loaves I ended up with should keep the gang in carbs for a few days.

I think I am finally done baking. I am out of room in the freezer and I really need to get the packing done before we leave tomorrow. I might just have calmed the baking urge for a few days, but who knows what I will end up cooking at my aunts’ houses. We are stopping by a peach orchard on the way. Peach cobbler anyone?


7 thoughts on “I Can’t Stop Baking

  1. Your photos say it all – YUM YUM! Bet those relatives are going to love having your wonderful baked goods Sarah! I saw a great recipe to use for some of that bread. Slice thickly and either toast or grill the slices. Rub them with smashed garlic cloves and top with ripe tomatoes that have been grated with a box grater. Sprinkle with olive oil and top with sea salt and fresh pepper. Can also add shredded cheese and pop under the broiler. I plan to make some of this soon myself! Enjoy your trip – Peach cobbler is my personal favorite. In fact, anything peach is my favorite!

    • Yum! I’ve had that in restaurants – perfect timing with tomatoes just starting to come in.

      I am still in the enjoying the novelty of fresh peaches stage, but I am about ready for a cobbler!

    • Thank you. I didn’t show it in the picture, but I burned the bottoms just a tiny bit and overcooked them. Nothing a little trimming and butter won’t fix. 😉

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