Spuds and Salad for Dinner

We aren’t vegetarians, but we do eat meatless meals several times a week. It has never been a planned thing, but lots of meals in our regular repertoire don’t focus on meat. If we didn’t eat so much cheese as part of our meatless meals, I could say we were doing it for health reasons, but I think the fat and cholesterol in the cheese probably are almost as bad as eating a hamburger. Of course, our veggie pasta meals, including Roasted Vegetable Pasta are, without a doubt, healthy. And when I think about it, I use ground sirloin and 100% whole wheat buns when we do have hamburgers, so they really aren’t that bad either.

Baked potatoes and salad are a great combination for summer evenings, since we can bake the potatoes in the toaster oven and avoid heating up the kitchen with the big oven. We also like to have spuds and salad on nights when we have to run after dinner, since there are minimal dishes.  And with three different people with three different food likes, this meal is easy to for each of us to adapt without having to make three different dinners.


There really isn’t a recipe with this, just general ideas. We have baked potatoes, topped with cheese and sometimes bacon. More adventurous souls can top them with whatever sounds good – from chili to broccoli and everything in between.

We all make our salads to our tastes too. Calvin skips it all together (lettuce is a green vegetable, you know), in favor of sliced apple or some other vegetable or fruit. Rich and I usually start with red leaf lettuce, since I like the texture better than green leaf, and I usually do the grocery shopping. I also think it makes a prettier salad than green leaf or romaine. Rich likes tomatoes, dried cranberries and usually no dressing on his. I like carrots, tomatoes, dried cranberries, a few nuts, balsamic vinegar and a tiny dash of olive oil on mine.


Throw some potatoes in the oven (or toaster oven), wash some lettuce and get dinner on the table in no time, vegetarian or otherwise.


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