Kitchen Tips of the Day

Everyone has their own ways of doing things in the kitchen, but there are ways of making things easier – trust the woman who has spent way more time in the kitchen than the average bear. I have had a few tips swimming around in my head for the last few weeks and thought I would share.

First, and foremost, start any kitchen project with a clean sink. To me at least, there is nothing more discouraging than starting out with a sink full of dirty dishes before I even get out my first bowl or pot. Whether it is the breakfast dishes or the five containers from a spur-of-the-moment fridge clean-out – wash the dishes before you start. Then you can make your mess and not feel overwhelmed with the clean up when you are done.

Related to that, clean as you go. Put ingredients away as you use them, put dirty dishes in your (previously empty) sink, wipe up spills right away. It is nice to not have a disaster of a kitchen when you get your cake in the oven or dinner on the table – at least for those of us who don’t have a staff waiting in the wings to clean up after the master chef. I do have Rich, who does a mighty fine job on the dishes, but he does have a day job, so I am on my own unless it is outside of business hours.

Finally, read the recipe before you start. Make sure you have everything you need. Really make sure. Don’t just assume you have an ingredient in the pantry, actually go see. Can you tell I speak from experience? I have had to stop in the middle of the recipe an embarrassing amount of times to run to the store or ask Rich, the ever-patient husband, to go for me.

These seem really basic, but they can make the process of trying a new recipe or cooking dinner at the end of a long, busy day a lot more fun. Or, in the case of making dinner when you are tired, a lot less of a chore. What makes things work more smoothly for you?

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Tips of the Day

  1. Great tip on the cleaning! Now if only I could put it into practice. I usually think that if I waited for the kitchen to clean itself (that’s how it works, right?), I’d never cook a thing. 😉

    • I wish it worked that way! I am trying to not leave dishes in the sink, since I hate walking into the kitchen and seeing the dishes I forgot about. Talk about demoralizing!

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