Cookies lead to dinner and dessert

The last day of school for Calvin is this week, with all the end-of-the-year craziness of awards ceremonies, orchestra concerts, tests, locker clean-outs and field trips. We wanted to give his teachers something to say thank you for a great first year of middle school, but weren’t sure what. We finally decided on homemade chocolate chip cookies.

The baking session started out with just one project, which quickly snowballed into many more. Calvin and I started making the cookie dough (project #1), and Rich ran to the store to get sweet potatoes (project #2) to have with dinner and half and half to make ice cream to have with chocolate pudding cake for dessert (projects #3 and #4).

By the time Rich got home, we had the first cookies in the oven and Calvin was making tags for the cookie bags. While the second round of cookies were in the oven, I stirred up cinnamon ice cream and Rich got the ice cream maker ready to go in the office/third bedroom because it is kind of loud and annoying when it is running. Plus the kitchen was hot from the oven. Everyone makes ice cream in a bedroom, right?

When the cookies were baked and cooling on the dining room table, we put the sweet potatoes in the oven and Rich started grating the cheese for the four cheese mac and cheese we were having for dinner (project #5). The ice cream finished and went in the basement deep freeze to freeze and firm up (hopefully) in time for dessert. Rich finished the cheese, and washed the mountain of dishes we had made already. I measured out the ingredients for chocolate pudding cake to go with the ice cream. It is the perfect recipe to mix up and slip into the oven as you are taking dinner out. It bakes and cools just in time for you to have warm dessert later in the evening.

Rich went off to help Calvin with something and I dried and put away all the dishes he had just washed. I then realized that if we wanted to eat anytime close to a normal dinner hour, I should start making the mac and cheese. With all the rest of the mess from projects #1-3 almost totally cleaned up, I made the cheese sauce and read a book while I stirred the pot. Once I had dinner in the oven, Calvin and I had time to package the cookies for him to take to school, which cleared off the table in time for dinner.

Dinner came out of the oven, cake went in and we were ready to sit down. We topped off our cooking frenzy with a walk around the neighborhood to make room for dessert, and then dug into our still warm cake and perfectly frozen ice cream.

Teacher gifts, dinner and a two-part dessert in three hours’ kitchen time – that’s how we roll around here!

2 thoughts on “Cookies lead to dinner and dessert

    • We planned to stop with cookies and dinner, but then realized we wouldn’t have any dessert, since the cookies were all for gifts. Then things just progressed from there!

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