A Perfect Mother’s Day Weekend

I wasn’t going to write a Mother’s Day post. But then I started thinking while I was cutting up strawberries for preserves, and I wrote the post in my head while I was working. When I had the berries on the heat I sat down to write before the words disappeared. As I type now, my fingers are a little stained and a lot wrinkled from the strawberry juice.

My Mother’s Day weekend started with Rich and Calvin picking up croissants from a French bakery for Saturday breakfast. They are giant croissants, and they are heavenly. Rich and I had almond paste-filled and Calvin had chocolate. We forgot to take pictures before we inhaled them, so you’ll just have to imagine.

Then, fueled with all those calories, we weeded the flower beds. That was my present from Rich and Calvin. And it was one of the best presents possible. I hate weeding with a passion, but three people made it go so much faster. We have a zoysia lawn, which we always say grows better in the flower beds than in the yard. In case you aren’t familiar with it, zoysia sends out runners, both underground and on the surface, and can invade a flower bed and make it part of the lawn in no time. We have been fighting this battle for the 14 years we have been in this house, and I think it will be never ending.

After our labors, and showers (it is amazing how dirty you can get weeding), we got to the fun part – shopping at the nursery for more plants. I restrained myself and we ended up with two new kinds of ornamental grasses and a rosemary plant. We got my mom a red rudbeckia (black-eyed Susan), which should be spectacular when it blooms, and a rosemary plant.

After lunch we drove to my parents’ house for the afternoon and dinner. Dad had invited us out to celebrate Mother’s Day on Saturday for a more relaxed celebration than we usually get on Sunday. While Dad, Rich and Calvin cooked dinner; Mom and I went to my uncle’s house next door and picked strawberries from his garden. The weather was beautiful and it was nice to spend some time working together and talking about not much of anything.

Mother’s Day itself was rather low key around here. We went out for sandwiches for lunch after church and then went to Home Depot to buy mulch for our newly weeded flower beds. The sun was too fierce for this redhead by the time we got home, so we relaxed and called Rich’s mom in Florida. Rich and Calvin cooked Fettuccini Alfredo for me for dinner and did the dishes. An evening trip out for ice cream won out over finishing the yard work. The perfect topper to a perfect family weekend!


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