Something a little different today…

A few weeks ago, The Ranting Chef sent out a call for guest bloggers on his blog. I thought it would be a fun way to share my recipe for Gooey Butter Tarts with a whole other group of readers. Thank you so much to the Ranting Chef for letting me be his featured blogger today!

I have been following Rantings of an Amateur Chef almost since he started in February, and I really enjoy his posts – easy-to-follow recipes and mouthwatering pictures. So far I have made his Bourbon Chicken and his Spicy Garlic Lime Chicken. They were both quite tasty.

Check out my post on Gooey Butter Tarts, and poke around while you are there to see what The Ranting Chef has been cooking lately.

Download the recipe here.

2 thoughts on “Something a little different today…

  1. Sarah – I am looking after “Mom” Mary this week. We are eating our way through Phoenix. Today its Thai food. Mary talks about your wonderful cooking all the time. Hope we can share recipes.

    • I would love to share recipes! Hope you have had a chance to poke around and see what recipes I have on the site. Feel free to comment on anything! Have fun with your company this week!

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