Easter preparations are in high gear…

… Or at least they were until we all decided to take a break a little while ago. My parents are hosting Easter dinner (so they have all the really hard work!), and we are taking a lamb cake and three cheese macaroni and cheese. Mac and cheese is done and in the fridge and the cake is baked. The cream cheese and butter are soft and are waiting for me to make them into icing and decorate the cake.

We spent an hour dyeing eggs this afternoon, and I have the blue fingertips to prove it. We have our usual message from inside the egg, that Rich came up with several years ago, “Help, I’m stuck.” And the message from the chickens, “Eat more ham.” Everyone is probably tired of seeing those, but we still find them funny. I like to drip food color directly from the bottle onto already dyed eggs to make abstract shapes (thanks to my brother for the inspiration when we were kids). And Calvin is working to perfect his purple. If anyone has a tried and true formula that makes a pretty purple, let us know!

Me making my polka dot egg. It looked great until I dropped it onto the table – now it is a cracked, polka dot egg.

Calvin is also experimenting with one egg to see what happens when you leave it in the dye overnight. It should be particularly unappetizing, since he picked the red dye for his experiment. Gotta love the middle-school boy’s love of the disgusting.

Calvin's egg soaking in dye in the fridge.

No recipe today. Off to make the icing and decorate the lamb before time to make dinner.


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