Featured gadget – The Cookie Scoop

The other day I started thinking about the kitchen tools I use all the time. You know, the utensil you will search the dishwasher or drainer for if it isn’t where it is supposed to be. I am going to occasionally feature a gadget or tool that I find especially helpful or that I just like. It might be anything from my favorite wooden spoon to the small appliance I can’t do without.

This week’s lucky winner from the drawer is the cookie scoop, known to some as a disher. They look like ice cream scoops, but keep mine away from the Cherries Garcia, please. I don’t want to risk bending them on rock hard ice cream.

I have three and I use them mostly for baking.  My tiny one holds 2 teaspoons, the middle-sized one holds 1½ tablespoons and the big one holds a quarter cup. I acquired them at different places and times for various uses. I would love to have more, but these really seem to fill just about every need for me.

Scoops/dishers often come in standard sizes, based on how many it takes to fill a quart, but this varies between manufacturers. Mine are not standard. I filled each with water and then measured that to see their capacities.

I use the big one for muffins and cupcakes mostly. Scoop, squeeze the handle and repeat. I make fewer drips on the pan than when I used to use a measuring cup or spoon. And my muffins/cupcakes are more likely to be the same size, avoiding the tedious spooning of batter from too full cups to the ones with only a layer of batter on the bottom.

I use the small one and the medium ones most often for cookies. The small one makes nice cookies for mailing. They hold together in shipping much better than larger cookies. And when I make small cookies, I can eat more and feel like I am indulging without totally pigging out. The medium one makes about a 3-inch cookie, but I don’t use that one as often.

You can also use these for measuring out meat for meatballs, making melon balls or serving mashed potatoes, if you want that perfect cafeteria lady mound on your plate.

What’s your favorite kitchen gadget?


4 thoughts on “Featured gadget – The Cookie Scoop

  1. I have 2 absolute favorite gadgets. One is a potato peeler that is at least 35 years old. My S.I.L. brought it from Germany and I panic when I don’t see it.I have bought 2 others just in case, but never use them,because the German one has such a good blade. The other is my Starfrit apple peeler. It just peels the apples very thinly. I love that thing. It looks like a childrens’toy. Plastic, but I even take it out when I only need to peel 2 apples.

    • Definitely keep your potato peeler safe! They must use softer steel to make them nowadays – seems like it is hard to find one that stays sharp.

    • Don’t feel that way! I saw them at a Pampered Chef party years ago and loved the concept, but waited to buy one until I saw it at the grocery store one year at Christmas cookie baking time.

      I did a quick internet search for egg separators and found several ranging in price from $1.95-$19.99. I usually use the shell, or crack it into my fingertips and let the white run through to a bowl underneath. That is a little messy, but it works!

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